Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Useful Information in Bali

The picturesque island of Bali is introduced as the 'Last paradise on Earth'. Bali is the most popular tourist destination of the world. The exotic beaches of the island take a tourist for a tour to tranquility. A holiday in Bali is a real retreat for the vacation lovers. The culture, behavior, etiquette and other features of the island fall under the Bali Useful information. Apart from all these a tourist should also include information on the weather, time to visit and health information of the place in his Bali Travel Guide. There are a host of Bali informations for the tourists.

One should definitely know when to go to Bali before visiting the actual place. The climate of Bali is excellent throughout the year. Though the months of April to September a bit humid and dry still the people love to visit the place. Bali hosts a number of festivals throughout the year so; tourists can enjoy Bali throughout the year. The Galungan festival is an auspicious occasion for the local people and a number of tourists visit the place during this time. This is a major point in the list of Useful information of Bali in Indonesia.

The Etiquette and Behavior in Bali is a major information which one should know before visiting the place. Social behavior is something which defines a person's culture and upbringing. A way you behave in another country defines your own social strata. Animal slaughter is a popular culture in Bali and major parts of the animals are offered to you as gift if you visit the place. Refusing the same would be disrespect. Knowing the right etiquette of the place is a major part in the list of Bali Useful information.

The Bali Useful information also include the Health Information in Bali. There are 4 major Bali Hospitals.

- Kasih Ibu Hospital
- Rumah Sakit Dharma Husada
- Rumah Sakit Wongaya
- RSUP Sanglah

There are several consulates in Bali which help the people to visit the several foreign countries easily. The Foreign Consulates in Bali serve a major purpose to the people. To know all the right facilities there and to complete the basic chart of Useful Information of Bali one should properly take down the Bali Emergency Phone Numbers.

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